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Prune App is India's first smart & personalised mobile optimiser. Prune is helping Smartphone owners adopt internet and make a fear free entry into the digital mobile world.

Prune App is your personal assistant, help you finding Mobile Usage with various information like Usage Volume, Internet experience, mobile balances and rates for Calls, SMS and Internet on both pre-paid and post-paid sims.

At Prune our mission is to be the trusted advisor of the masses as they make decisions in the new digital mobile world. Our current flagship, a mobile consumer App called Prune enables Smartphone owners to track and control their prepaid and postpaid mobile accounts.

Why Prune

My Best Plan

Prune Uses Advanced Analytics Based Suggestion Engine to analyse your usage and then suggest the best plan suited for your usage.

Best Bundled Mobile Device Deals

One place for the best mobile deals from across the internet. We look up Bundled handsets and compare your usage and then calculate your savings.

Network & Internet Experience

Find Your own network experience for Calls and Internet Speed. This is not a test but your actual experience. We put a number to your experience.

Track Usage

Know all your voice, data and sms balances at your operator at one place. Know the cost of each call or sms, both domestic or in internationally.


The most user Friendly recharge experience. Buy multiple recharges for your connections or buy multiple recharges for different connection but make one Payment. Easy, fast and intuitive.

International Roaming

Find the best plan for international travel and or SIM for international travel, soon. And track your usage for voice, Data and SMS.

How it works

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  • Why should I choose Prune other recharge only sites?

    You have lots of website when you talk about recharge. But why recharge? At Prune we talk about best mobile plan which is based on your call, sms & data usage. Our analytical engine tracks your mobile usage & shows you the best mobile plan for you.

  • How is Prune Better than operator Apps?

    At Prune, you can find best mobile plan, best mobile deals with bundle. You will also be able to know your call quality and internet speed, much more including mobile usage & balances, all at one place. One app that works across all operators, and on dual sim even if the two sims are of different operators. You can get details of your usage while roaming as well – domestic & international both. Our analytics engine finds plans bespoke, which suitable to your usage. The suggestion is not just with your current operator but will find better plans across the operators, which means you have more choices in case you plan to switch your operator.

  • Why should I look up Prune for Handsets?

    We have a simple user-friendly interface which helps you choose your mobiles and find beat deals across the leading e-commerce portals. We are the only one to find bundle devices which means you save more on new purchase.

  • What all will Prune tell me about my network experience?

    Prune gives insight for quality of the call and speed of internet. Based on actual experience and not test scenario. This means the experiences are real and there are no extra cost of sending test data packets.

  • What is there in Dash boards?

    Prune gives easy and simple interface for voice & data dashboards with clear numbers for usage and balances. It also gives dashboards for your international usage.

  • How can Prune Help me in International roaming?

    Before your next international trip tell us about your travel destination and we will tell you about applicable rates and the international roaming packs you need to have, not just with your current but across from other operators as well. Soon, we will give you choices of international travel sims which you can buy before you travel.

  • Will it work on my handset?

    If you have android phone with 4.0 (kit-Kat) and above then you can download for use.

  • Will it work on iphone?

    Currently iphone version is not available but we are working on it.

  • Will it work on my operator?

    It will work with all the operator across India.

  • My number is ported from another operator, will it work?

    We intelligently identify your current operator so it will work even with ported numbers.

  • Will it cost me to use the app?

    Currently it is free

  • Will it take large memory space in my handset?

    It is only a small app of few MB


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